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Our core strength is the Cooling, Solidifying and Flaking of viscous materials. We offer a wide range of Cooling and Additional Equipment, designed for customers requirements and have an answer for nearly all challenges. For special requests we design customized solutions.



Competent engineering develops innovative solutions.
We design process solutions for continuous cooling, solidifying and flaking of hot viscous products. The design of highly efficient and space saving compact machines is our specialty.
Individuelle Lösungen

Custom fitting solutions.

Guaranteed calculations of machine capacity based on our cooling calculation models combined with qualified counselling is our strength. We see and treat our customers as long time partners. Our technical center or rental equipment for trial runs at customer’s site are services we offer.
Made in Switzerland

Engineering - Made in Switzerland.

With engineering – Made in Switzerland – we affiliate highest quality and reliability. For over 40 years we support our customers worldwide with ideal solutions to their individual requirements.

Diverse and cross industry active.

Apart from the Powder Coatings and Toner industry our BBACooler are used in the Fine & Specialty Chemicals industry. Furthermore we supply process solutions to the Life Science & Food as well as proven GMP solutions to the Pharmaceutical industry.

BBA INNOVA: Who we are

Our team is known for its interdisciplinary way of working, its sound expertise in process related coherences and characteristics. We focus on the needs and goals of our customers.

Ever since the foundation of the company we have been engaged in providing solutions for continuous cooling, solidifying and flaking of viscous products to the process industries.

Research in this area, development and planning of corresponding equipment and machinery as well as worldwide sales and support is our passion.

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