Mission Statement

Company founder’s philosophy

Our employees are the center of my considerations when it comes to the development and the welfare of our company.

I am convinced that we can only guarantee to have our activities focused on our customers if we have highly motivated employees. This is why our business partners are used to the highest level of service possible and developments of real innovations to optimize their processes in the future.

The mission statement of BBA INNOVA AG is based on this belief.

Urs Kirchhofer

Our Commitments

  • We are always striving to provide the best services possible.
  • We are flexible, quick and dependable.
  • We are fair, decent, and honest.
  • We want to do a good job and meet all deadlines with high quality process solutions.
  • We want to only make promises we can honor.
  • We want to realize profit for the continuity of the company.
  • Important to us are motivated and qualified employees.
  • Important to us are independence, joint initiative and entrepreneurial actions.
  • Important to us is the ability for teamwork and to communicate.
  • Our corporate culture is consistently adapting to the line of business.
  • Our corporate culture is performance oriented and transparent.
  • Our corporate culture is to interact openly with our business partners.