Caterpillar Cooler

​Double Cooling

This BBACooler is highly efficient by distributing the hot product followed by the positive cooling from both sides.

​The​​ Caterpillar Cooler can be adapted to different process requirements by its modular design. The resulting cooling system will produce exceptional cooling power, yet it only needs little space.


Process Solutions

Raupenkuehler CAT

Caterpillar Cooler type CAT

​Functional description:

With our Caterpillar Cooler the product, held by both sides by a thin belt, is guided by moving cooling plates and conveyed through the cooling path.


  • ​Up to 50% less space required when compared to a conventional cooling system
  • For throughput up to 7’500 kg/h
  • Ideal for very adhesive products
  • Calendar unit
  • Closed loop cooling circuit
  • Customized product flaker units

Caterpillar Cooler type TC

Functional description:

​The TopCooler type TC is designed for the use on top of a steel belt cooler to considerably increase the cooling efficiency.


  • ​Boosts cooling power of Belt Coolers (BBACooler and third-party systems)
  • Suitable for retrofitting the majority of existing cooling belts