Thermal Fines Agglomerator (TFA)

BBA INNOVA’s “HotCooler” transforms powderfines back to chips

BBA “HotCooler” processes the powderfines into reusable chips

BBA INNOVA’s so called “HotCooler” is a Powderfines-to-Chips Transformer, designed for the powder coating and toner industry. The Thermal Fines Agglomerator TFA is our latest innovation for increasing production yield by providing you a solution to economically recycle the unwanted powderfines from the grinding process. This system processes the powderfines collected and accumulated in fine particle filters into reusable chips. The unit allows fast cleaning and is suitable for processes with frequent product change.


  • Reworking of powder fines into reusable chips
  • Saves waste disposal costs
  • Can be matched to specific production environment and needs
  • Inline as well as offline operation possible
  • Simple feed-back of chips into the production process
  • Easy and fast to clean
  • Integrated flaker unit
  • Stainless steel design

Functional Description

The Thermal Fines Agglomerator TFA provides a solution to recycle unwanted powder fines from the grinding process, occuring e. g. in the powder coating and toner industry. This continuous process includes an initial fines melting and plasticizing followed by cooling to solid state and chipping. The chips from powder fines now are ready for any further processing.

Process Solutions

HotCooler Typ TFA

Thermal Fines Agglomerator TFA-40/44

Recycling of fines for throughputs up to 80 kg/h

HotCooler Typ TFA 2

Thermal Fines Agglomerator TFA-50/74

Recycling of fines for throughputs up to 150 kg/h