Steel Belt Cooler type CCn

​The Steel Belt Cooler impress through the individual design versions

Steel Belt Cooler have a robust and structured design. The modular design with the sub-assembly groups like cooling calender, steel belt with spraying system and flaker unit as well as the range of belt width offers maximum flexibility to meet any specific requirements.



  • ​Custom solutions due to a modular concept
  • Adjustable speed synchronization of cooling calender and cooling belt
  • Integrated cooling circuit with heat exchanger, filter and pump as an option
  • Integrated flaker unit
  • Stainless steel design

​Functional description

Our Steel Belt Cooler Type CCn, is equipped with a stainless steel belt. The product which has to be cooled down is carried on the steel belt. A water spraying system underneath the belt cools the steel belt with the product on top.

Process Solution

Steel Belt Cooler

Throughput up to 3’200 kg/h*
Steel belt widths 800 / 1’000 / 1’200 / 1’500 mm
Cooling system lengths from 3’000 up to 12’000 mm

*depends on material