Upgrades & Options

BBA INNOVA is continuously developing options and upgrades. These developments can be in addition to our equipment or as installations on third party equipment.


Niederviskose Produkte

Option for low viscous products

Especially in Fine & Specialty Chemicals or Life Science & Food products we find low viscous products. Until now we were not able to process such products efficiently.

We developed an option to cool and solidify low viscous products on our BBACooler equipment. We can now efficiently process products with a viscosity of 0 – 500 mPa.s as usual on our drum cooler.

For more information and analysis we can also support you in our Technical Center with trial runs and support.


  • Efficient cooling of low viscous products
  • Small space requirement
Laterale Verschiebung

Option for lateral displacement of the BBACooler

For high viscous products we can use this lateral displacement to equally spread the material over the whole process area to reach the maximum throughput.


  • The whole width of the process area can be used
  • Performance increase to the maximum capacity
  • Equally spread material over the whole width of the process area
  • Custom solutions available

Options for Cooling Drum Coatings

For some products we offer special coatings on the cooling drum, e.g. for products which are very adhesive such a coating will allow it to be processed without problems.


  • Custom coatings / consulting
  • Installation of cooling drums
  • Performance increase

Options for Flaker Shafts

We offer and deliver custom made flaker shafts for BBACooler and third party equipment.


  • Worn down flaker units can be replaced
  • Custom-fit replacements of new flaker units

Options for Stainless Steel belts

We deliver stainless steel belts of different grades for existing Steel Belt Cooler of all brands.


  • Custom-fit solution / Consulting
  • Installation of stainless steel belts
  • Performance increase
Nichtmetallische Baender

Options for Non-Metallic Belts

Non-metallic belts have a woven structure with different coatings to match different material requirements. We offer a wide product range as well as delivery and assembly service.


  • Custom-fit solution / Consulting
  • Installation of non-metallic belts
  • Performance increase

Upgrade for Performance Increase

The TopCooler (Caterpillar Cooler type TC) is being use as top unit of steel belt coolers to increase the cooling efficiency and throughput substantially. The TopCooler can be use on our own and third party equipment.


  • Cooling efficiency increase on any steel belt cooler
  • Suitable for upgrading almost all steel belt coolers

Upgrade for Calander Units

Complete replacement of inefficient calander units.


  • Increase of cooling efficiency and throughput
  • Custom-fit solutions